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White Birch Room Diffuser

White Birch Room Diffuser

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White Birch Room Diffuser with Capped Bottle For Relaxing.

4 fl oz

This is a favorite year around and we are super excited to introduce it to our reed diffuser line! This clean smelling scent reminds us of walking through a pine forrest mixed with birch or aspen. This very clean smell is refreshing and doesn't weigh you down with the usual clean smells. It is truly refreshing.

Top:Eucalyptus, Mint
Middle:Cypress, Pine
Base:Tonka Bean, Smoke

We have combined hints ofcranberry and red currant with cinnamon and pine leavesalong with vanilla and fresh leaves to invoke a nostalgic hygge feeling to any space.

Add our top quality scents to any space without a flame. Scent will last2-3 weeks until reeds need to be flipped. After each end of reeds have been submerged in the scented oil and scent fades, replace reeds to extend life of reed diffuser.Scented oil may last 2-3 months in this fashion. Click here to purchase more reeds.

Each Reed Diffuser includes a capped bottle and reeds for diffusing. Keep away from flames as all oils are flammable. When reeds have been exhausted, feel free to purchase more as needed from us.

Our diffuser base is made from both natural & man made ingredients in order to properly wick up the reeds. We are proud to announce that this product does not contain any VOC's (Volital Organic Compounds) or DPG. This is the safest Diffuser Base & Frargance combo that we could find on the market.

This scent and reed diffuser base exceed California's prop 65 standards and contains no carcinogens,reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrances from other brands.

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