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Extra Reeds For Room Diffusers

SKU: ERRD7SageWork Organics
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Product Description

Top Quality Extra Reeds For Room Diffusers.

(Reeds Only - Diffuser Not Included)

Purchase these reeds to replace reeds used in our room diffusers. You will receive 6-7 reeds.

When using our diffusers, eventually scent will start to dissipate as reeds become saturated with scented diffuser oil. Reeds should be flipped when scent dissipates. Once the reeds have been flipped once, they should be discarded and new reeds added. Each side of reed should last approximately 2 weeks. If reeds are replaced as needed, scented room diffuser oil should last 2-3 months or more.

All Orders placed between 3/24 and 3/28 will be shipped on the 3/30.

We apologise if this may cause any inconvenience to any of our customers.