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Soothe & Ache Away Bundle 3 pc

Soothe & Ache Away Bundle 3 pc

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Soothe & Ache Away Bundle 3 pc with Essential Oils.

We have bundled our three most popular products for you in two different sizes!

Get the best combo of relief available. You will have the magnesium to apply in the morning, night, and the salve for an extra boost of relief.

This bundle contains:

Soothe Extra Strength Magnesium

Soothe Extra Strength Nighttime Magnesium

Spectacular Ache Away Salve.

Our Soothe Extra Strength Magnesium Body Butter allows for topical supplementation of our most vital mineral. Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 processes of the body and helps reduce inflammtion, increase circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, and help people sleep better. Magnesium also calms nerves and reduces subtle signs of stress.

Our Nighttime version also combines Lavender & Cedar essential oils which have been proven to help with restless nights and helps keep people asleep.

The Spectacular Ache Away Salve is specifically formulated with herbs and botanicals to reduce pain, bruising, and inflammation related to muscular issues and soft tissue damage. It is formulated with Arnica, Chaparral, Comfrey, Menthol & Camphor, and a blend of other essential oils.

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