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Soap Bag -Soap holder - Soap Saver - Bar Soap exfoliator

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Product Description

Environmentally Friendly Soap Bag is a best seller due to the product being so easy to use and makes a big difference to the enviornment. This soap bag is a perfect gift for anyone and is great for the environment. Can fit full sized soap bars in to these Soap Bags. Zero-Waste Annoying mini-soap and soap dishes belong to the past. Just throw in the soap bag and foam together. So you save not only masses of mini-soap leftovers but also resources. Plastic Free Zero-waste Products Our soap bag is made of pure natural materials and is packed in 100% plastic-free, make the world a bit cleaner with us and give plastic no chance!

All Orders placed between 3/24 and 3/28 will be shipped on the 3/30.

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