Ache Away Pack
Ache Away Pack $57.99
Get A Discount On This Bundle! Days To Ship From Our Store: 2-3 Business Days (listed carrier shipping times apply to days in transit) We have combined three of our most popular products to help alleviate pain, soreness, muscle tension, inflammation, nerve pain and more. Guarantee: We encourage you to test our replenish product series. They work for just about everyone. If you're not happy with the result, we offer a money-back guarantee. You get a 4oz Extra Strength Magnesium Body Butter, a magnesium spray, and a 2oz Ache Away Herbal Salve   Our product has just over 4 times the magnesium of other's products on the market at just over 3,200mg of Magnesium Chloride per ounce of moisturizer. Our magnesium products are easily absorbed topically and our Magnesium is sourced from the brine of the Dead Sea and contains other trace minerals to help aid in the further function of circulation and decrease in inflammation on a cellular level. Many medical journals have reported that topical use of Magnesium is the best way to get extra Magnesium into our bodies as taking Magnesium orally can stress the digestive system and Magnesium Chloride (which is what we use) is the easiest form of this important mineral to be absorbed and used by the body. Our body butter recipe with Shea Butter and Safflower Oil helps the body to absorb the minerals deep into the tissues where it enters your bloodstream and is directly used by your body to help flush cells of cellular debris and toxins, thereby aiding in the decrease of inflammation. Our Herbal Ache Away formula contains Comfrey, Arnica, and Chaparral. All of these herbs are known to help the body to heal soft tissue damage, as well as decrease inflammation and pain. We also include Menthol & Camphor to provide a cooling and heating sensation which helps decrease aches and pains associated with inflammation and soft tissue damage. Comfrey is nicknamed "Knit Bone" and helps to heal bone and tissue damage. This should not be used by nursing babies. Each of these products should only be used on closed skin. Do not add any of these products to an open wound or skin that has not scabbed over. For open wounds or damaged skin we would recommend honey and a simple skin bandage, or Neosporin. For a natural remedy beyond honey for an open wound, a compress of Yarrow and plantain works well.   All info on this website and webpage has not been evaluated by the FDA and is used for educational purposes only. If you have a medical issue or emergency please seek medical advice of a physician or related medical staff.  
Soothe & Ache Away Bundle 3 pc
Soothe & Ache Away Bundle 3 pc from $66.99
We have bundled our three most popular products for you in two different sizes! Each bundle is 25% off the normal retail price for each item separately. Get the best combo of relief available. You will have the magnesium to apply in the morning, night, and the salve for an extra boost of relief. This bundle contains: Soothe Extra Strength Magnesium Soothe Extra Strength Nighttime Magnesium Spectacular Ache Away Salve. Our Soothe Extra Strength Magnesium Body Butter allows for topical supplementation of our most vital mineral. Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 processes of the body and helps reduce inflammtion, increase circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, and help people sleep better. Magnesium also calms nerves and reduces subtle signs of stress. Our Nighttime version also combines Lavender & Cedar essential oils which have been proven to help with restless nights and helps keep people asleep. The Spectacular Ache Away Salve is specifically formulated with herbs and botanicals to reduce pain, bruising, and inflammation related to muscular issues and soft tissue damage. It is formulated with Arnica, Chaparral, Comfrey, Menthol & Camphor, and a blend of other essential oils.
Artisan Soap Bundle 4 Pack
Artisan Soap Bundle 4 Pack $27.99
Get 4 of our most popular soaps to try out our superior, moisturizing formula! We choose 4 random soaps from our Artisan Line that are most popular. These soaps are prized for their ability to leave your hands silky soft and smooth! Each soap is 4.5 oz. Our Artisan Soaps come in a Kraft paper label. These make the best presents, and you can even keep one for yourself! 
Natural Soap Bundle 4 Pack
Natural Soap Bundle 4 Pack $24.99
Get 4 of our most popular soaps from the Natural Line to try out our superior, cleansing & moisturizing formula! We choose 4 random soaps from our Natural Line which are most popular. These soaps are specially formulated to be 85% Certified Organic and are only made from natural/organic ingredients. Each soap is 4.2 oz. These soaps come in a Kraft Cardboard box. Remove the labels and compost these boxes if you would like.