Natural, Organic, & Wildcrafted

Natural, Organic, & Wildcrafted

Traditionally, we didn't need to worry about pesticides and chemicals in our medicinal herbs that have been wild-harvested, but this day in age we must ensure that we are vigilant against using herbs in medicine that could come into contact with herbicides and pesticides. Everyone had heard by now that Monsanto lost the legal battle against a man who suffered horrible side-effects from using Round Up, and no one has pulled it from their retail shelves. 

We ensure purity in our ingredients by only sourcing wild-harvested herbs that have been grown away from the reach of everyday hustle and bustle of life. They are sustainably harvested which allows us to ensure that no chemicals have been sprayed on them.

For those herbs and ingredients we purchase from distributors, they ensure that they are sourced sustainably, and ethically, and that they are Organic or Wild Harvested in time honored traditions out in nature.

One of our suppliers is Mountain Rose Herbs and their facility is completely Organic and Chemical Free.

Our goal is to make only products that we would be comfortable using on the youngest and oldest in our family, free of worry or concern about purity or chemical side effects.

The only synthetic ingredient we use is our commercially accepted natural preservative. We use Phenoxyethanol, which is the bio-identical active ingredient in green tea. When used at proper dilution rates, its even safe for premature babies and it is recognized both Nationally & Internationally as natural and safe.

Everything else in our Apothecary Room is completely natural and safe for everyone, allergies aside. Even our candle and soap scents are based in either essential oils, or are nature identical to the scent it represents which means that it was created in a lab and each molecule matches its natural counterpart exactly. This allows our scents to be "natural" and non-irritating to most.

Try us out today and experience the difference between the quality a small batch, family owned and operated boutique company can provide versus the big box stores!

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