Magnesium's Role In The Body

Magnesium's Role In The Body

Have you ever been awoken by a horrible cramp in your calf or foot?

Does it take you a while to recover between workouts at the gym?

Do you have a hard time sleeping although you feel like you could sleep for days?

Do you need coffee at this point to just make it through the week?

This Magnesium Product can help

Magnesium Deficient?

An average of 80% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium. When we are stressed, both physically and/or mentally, we use up our stores of Magnesium first. This can result in feeling sluggish, tired, achy, and moody and often progresses to sleepless nights, muscle spasms and cramps, longer than average work out recoveries and more.

Although many people think to eat a banana for Potassium when experiencing leg cramps, or consume caffeine to stay stimulated, we should be exploring whether or not we are lacking Magnesium in the body.

When we look at the benefit of Magnesium we find that it is a catalyst in over 300 processes of the body. It helps transport nutrients into the cell membrane and thereby detox the body on a cellular level. It increases circulation, transportation of cellular metabolic waste and vital nutrients into the cells. Knowing this, you begin to understand that a lack of, or deficiency of magnesium can hinder many of these vital functions.

There are a couple ways to get this essential mineral into our bodies, but first we need to know how our bodies utilize and absorb this mighty mineral.

Oral Ingestion Of Magnesium

You can ingest Magnesium orally, but the body actually absorbs less than 4%. Many people also report a laxative or bloating effect from the harshness of oral supplementation, especially for the amounts needed to restore an equilibrium in the body. Another issue when taking an oral supplement of Magnesium is that you have to intake the right amount of Calcium in relation to the Magnesium. If not you risk pulling more Magnesium out of your body instead of replenishing it. 

Topical Application Of Magnesium

One of the best ways to refill the body’s store of Magnesium is to apply it topically. Magnesium is able to move immediately into the blood and tissues, replenishing the deficient body quickly.

Topical application allows it to be absorbed into the skin. Our cells utilize it and what the local cells do not use goes into our blood stream where the rest of the body can utilize it. This helps lower blood pressure, aid in glucose uptake and regulation, decreases anxiety and helps us to sleep better.

Sagework Organics 

As a massage therapist I've worked with many clients, from competitive athletes to stay at home moms, and I've found magnesium deficiency is very prevalent, in even the healthiest of clients. 

In order to offer these clients a solution we've designed a moisturizing, topical body butter that contains 40% Magnesium, which means it is an extra strength supplement. When you take an oral supplement you absorb as low as 4% of the total oral supplement. You can see why applying it topically is so important.

Transdermal Therapy with Magnesium is beginning to reach main stream medicine and there are many doctors that are seeing great results with their patients from daily use.

Whether you are using it to help decrease recovery time from workouts at the gym, or as a way to prevent or stop those horrible cramps that sneak up on you, proper Magnesium Body levels are so important. I have had clients use our product for headaches and migraines, to help get rid of bruises, cease cramps, stave off insomnia, reduce lymphedema, reverse inflammation, and much more.

This is surely one natural remedy that I recommend to all of my clients to keep stocked up on. It's also something my whole family uses regularly for so many purposes. I can honestly say I can not go without it.

If you are deficient in this life enriching mineral, you may feel a burn, sting, or tingle as your skin absorbs the moisturizer, but rest assured that it is doing it's job and nourishing your body. 

Check out our organic magnesium body butter for topical application. 

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