Arnica Montana - A Natural Miracle For Pain

Arnica Montana - A Natural Miracle For Pain

Arnica Montana - Nature's Miracle Medicine

Tucked away in high alpine meadows and other high terrain grows a small unassuming plant that really packs a powerhouse of benefit to so many.

Arnica Montana is unique and one of a kind in so many ways. This little herb can really decrease inflammation and dispell bruising. It increases circulation to an applied area and and can soothe muscles and help speed recovery to soft tissue damage.

We use it in all of our topical replenish line products along with Calendula in a proprietary blend to help speed healing and reduce inflammation, mainly because of an ingredient called helenalin. It should be applied to unbroken skin 

The herb has been used in documented cases since the mid 1500's and we suspect it was used for ages before this.

We use it in our Ache Away Salve and Magnesium Body Butters. You can get both powerhouses here.

If you would like to learn more about this herb, click here.

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