Toasted Pumpkin Natural Soy Candle
Toasted Pumpkin Natural Soy Candle

Toasted Pumpkin Natural Soy Candle

With hints of fresh pumpkin, cloves, buttercream, cinnamon bark, smoked embers, and vanilla, this candle is our staffs favorite of the season!

This 6oz soy candle has an approximate 40+ hour burn time and smells heavenly. Nothing brings me into autumn more than this candle. It smells like roasted pumpkin pie! Every time I smell this candle I want to reach for my comfy sweaters and look outside for changing leaves. 

The aroma of our candles fills an entire large room easily and quickly. We add double the normal scent into our candles so that a little can go a long way. We use all natural soy and plant botanical wax made in America. The fragrance oils we use are either completely, or mostly natural essential oils. Each scent we use goes through rigorous testing at our shop to ensure that each scent we use is as natural as possible. Several of our staff members and customers are very sensitive to fake scents and each one uses the candle for 2 days to ensure that those who buy our product should not have a reaction to them.

This candle is perfect for every occasion.

Ingredients: Natural 100% Soy & Plant Botanical Wax, Natural Cotton & Pepper Wick, Fragrance (mostly essential oils), Glass

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