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Red Jasper Tumbled Stones - Bulk Large Natural Tumbled Polished Brazilian Stones Gemstone Healing Crystals Quartz for Wicca, Reiki, crystals

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$35+ free shipping in our store so check out our store for more unique and rare stuff ITEM DETAILS - sizes may vary because its natural gemstones made by nature sizes are around 0.75-1.25 Known as the supreme nurturer, it’s no surprise that this is one of those healing crystals you turn to in times of needing warm comfort. It’s called The Stone of Endurance and Nurturing, as it feeds back to you your own inner power that can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. When your body and mind need re-energizing, here’s how you turn to Red Jasper’s healing properties to put you back on track. Jasper can come in a range of colors; black jasper, Dalmatian jasper, and even fancy jasper, but Red Jasper is the stone that comes kissed with the fiery force to carry you through. This stimulating and protective stone holds a deep red coloring, often flecked with shades of grey. METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES - ~ Healing Properties - Red Jasper is said to increase emotional stamina, self-confidence, self-trust, emotional protec

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