Ache Away Sample Pack

Ache Away Sample Pack

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This combo contains our most popular products, the Ache Away Pack, in a smaller sample or travel size batch.

The Magnesium Body Butter & Ache Away Salve both are 0.5fl oz sizes and the Magnesium Spray is in a 1 dram spray bottle.

Let us show you a better quality of life with less aches and pains. All products are anti-inflammatory supplements. The Spectacular Ache away helps with sprains, strains, aches, bruises, and broken bones (see a doctor first).

The Magnesium Body Butter helps ease sore muscles, reduces workout fatigue and recovery, stops cramps in their tracks, and has been shown to reduce restless leg issues. Some customers even say it helps them sleep better and Magnesium Supplementation has shown this effect to be true.

Take the Magnesium Spray on hikes or to the gym for a quick fix that absorbs fast.

Do not use these products on broken skin as the Magnesium products will burn and the ache away salve will heal minor cuts and scrapes but they must be sanitized before use.

This listing is intended for educational purposes and not intended to treat or diagnose medical conditions. Seek proper medical advice if needed. The statements in this listing have not been evaluated by the FDA.