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White Sage Smudge Bundle

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Product Description

White Sage Smudge Bundle for Negative Energy Removal.

Our White Sage Smudge Bundles come in both 4-5" and 8-9" sizes and are great for clearing a space or to be used as incense.

The white sage is sustainably harvested in California and dried completely after being bundled. Each sage bundle comes in a recycled paper bag which makes them perfect for a gift for a loved one or yourself.

Sage bundles, when used to smudge, help to clear a room of negative Prana (energy). They can help change the mood in a room or get rid of bad juju.

All Orders placed between 3/24 and 3/28 will be shipped on the 3/30.

We apologise if this may cause any inconvenience to any of our customers.